By Far the most rewarding Art I do is with others.

My passion is to open the doors to creativity to all ages and abilities giving confidence to individuals and empowering groups  to express them selves.


Sand Art, Pebble balance, Drawing dictation(memory recall) Painting to music, Painting tuition, Paper mash, personalized colouring books, Allotment planting.

and games

The activities above are just some of the titles I am able to supervise. How ever I find on many occasions it is useful to be spontaneous  to be open to influences like                                                                  weather mood and abilities. This insures maximum involvement and enjoyment for all.

For half day sessions and longer relationships call Phil on 01208815520, pojjart@gmail .com     


Simple pebble balancing can offer a in expensive beach activity that pits your skill and centers your core offering a tremendous sense of achievement when finding that perfect piont. 

Beach sculpture and scrolling.

All you need is a rake or stick to create wonderful large or small shapes, marks and messages in the sand .

A poignant piece of art for art sake that has a magical wishing on the tide quality.

Currently working with all ages and abilities it is my hope to continue to enthuse residents, holiday makers and staff  in artistic activities for the soul.

Up to date CRB, and  references.